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Monday, June 7, 2010

Ileana D'Cruz (born 1 November 1987 in Mumbai ) is an Indian film actress.

She made her feature film debut through Y.V.S. Chowdhary's Telugu-language film Devadasu opposite newcomer, Ram, but has also done a Tamil film Kedi. She has emerged one of the most successful actresses in the Telugu film industry, having appeared in several blockbusters like Devadasu, Pokiri, Jalsa and Kick.Ileana was born in Mumbai, India, to Goan parents Ronaldo Leo and Sameera. Her parents named her after Ileana Cosânzeana (In the myth, she is a beautiful princess who is kidnapped by Zmeu, who locks her up in his castle and waits for her to give in to his marriage proposal. She is saved by Făt-Frumos, who is analogous to Prince Charming) from Romanian folklore. She completed her high school studies at St.Mary's Convent High School, Mapusa, Goa. She likes her family a lot, an absolute practical and sharp person with interests in swimming and reading Sidney Sheldon books.
Height: 5'7"
Complexion: Fair
Body Type: Fat
Religion: Hindu
Personal/Family Values: Traditional
Diet: Occasionally non-vegetarian
Drink: Often
Smoke: No
My Hobbies: Collecting Coins, Photography, Bird watching, Animal breeding


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